For the social inclusion of the visually impaired population!

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Our mission is to convert this population into self-sufficient and independent beings, who autonomously resume the activities of daily life, such as study, work, free recreation and any other activity that human beings may carry out, strengthening them in their self-esteem and providing them with the necessary tools for complete inclusion through the integral functional rehabilitation process, involving their families and the community that surrounds them in general.


We plan to become the most competent entity by climbing a step every day to always be at the forefront, thus having the ability to accurately guide the population with visual impairment or low vision, promoting respect and the rights of the visually impaired, their social inclusion, their community well-being based on their own efforts, preventing this community from entering a state of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, and on the contrary, becoming an invaluable contribution to society.


We are an entity that works tirelessly with a character of community service for the social inclusion of the visually impaired population. Day by day we seek to generate our own resources by channeling aid from people and national and foreign entities that become aware of our vocation, thus seeking to improve social, economic, educational, health and training conditions that optimize the standard of living of this important community.

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