The Fundation

About Us

We are an entity that was born with the purpose of providing comprehensive support to a highly vulnerable population without social inclusion, the visually impaired, we are in a society where for this kind of people, opportunities are offered by a small group of organizations, we try to contribute day by day so that these beings with that special condition and in turn full of skills and attitudes, contribute and feel valued, important and useful for their environment.

Institutional Values

Our tireless work as a community service for the social inclusion of the visually impaired population has led us to continually demand respect and application of values consistent with the work we do.


We achieve results by planning our activities.


We achieve results with quality and economy of resources.


Work to demonstrate that our limitations do not make us less.


Respect, care and protection of the interests of our beneficiaries.


We are objective, without prejudice, discrimination or preference.


Image and faultless behavior as a non-profit foundation.


We recognize the legitimacy of the other, accepting that we are all different.


We respect the constitution, laws and regulations, we act transparently.


We assume as our own the strategic objectives of the foundation.

No Matter Where you are!

You can support us, we have different means of receiving your contribution.

Together we will Make it!

Put your grain of sand, together we will make it possible.

Your Contribution is Safe!

We are all equal and with the same rights, regardless of our limitations.

Tu Aporte es Seguro!

We receive your contributions safely, your personal and financial information are protected.